PowerPoint Game Shows

John was dissatisfied with the templates for gameshows available on the net. They are often free but in John’s words they are mainly … (well best not go there!)

This is a completely new approach- an Add In that writes the whole gameshow file for you and includes very complex animations to give a realistic simulation. All you need to do is type the questions into a text file and press a button. EVERYTHING ELSE IS AUTOMATIC, the powerpoint show just appears on your desktop! Yes, it really is that easy! The finished game is professional and superior to anything that we have seen.

You can download free samples of shows created with the AddIns on the relevant pages. At the moment we have a special version restricted to making 5 games or 14 days for free download but we ask you to make a voluntary donation either PayPal to payment AT SIGN technologytrish.co.uk 0r email charlotte AT technologytrish.co.uk for an electronic bill (say how much you would like to donate. ALL the money from this goes to help provide solar electricity to Kilimatinde, one of the poorest villages in Tanzania. We hope to provide electricity for IT classes and internet access.

We are working closely with the Kilimatinde Trust in this sponsorship and will be sending 20 young people (16 – 18) to work there in July 2008.

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